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Harper North

Pre-orders available soon

 'Like talking to your smartest, warmest friend at the kitchen table' - Leah Hyslop, Deputy Editor, Waitrose Magazine

'Shahnaz writes beautifully about food and brings to life stories and memories linked to her Bangladeshi heritage, with sensitivity and grace.'  - Dina Begum, author of Made in Bangladesh

'This award-winning author is someone who could bring a shopping list alive.'  - Orlando Murrin, author and broadcaster

'A compelling voice on the UK scene.' - Allan Jenkins, Editor Observer Food Monthly

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John Murray Press

An Observer Best Book of 2020

'A story of quiet striving and determination, of love and friendship' — Guardian

'A wonderful, enriching read, everything I want in a novel: epic, engaging, insightful and honest'  — Observer New Review​

'A riveting debut. An exquisite epic about the ties each of us share with our family and homeland' — BookRiot

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